Sandra's story

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Sandra M. Duque was born in Bogota Colombia on April 19. Since she was little girl she had a dream. In 1996 after graduating from Colegio Nueva Granada in Bogota Colombia, she decides to leave her family and friends to fulfill her dream, play tennis with the purpose of getting a Tennis Scholarship. She got a full scholarship at Ball State University - Muncie, IN in Spring of 1997.
In Spring she transferred to the University of Texas San Antonio where she played NCAA Div I and graduated in May 2001 with a Major in Marketing and Minor in Business Administration.

On October 2001 she gets hired with Black and Decker as a Field Sales Representative in Orlando. In 2003 she decides to leave B&D and starts her career with Shire Inc in August 10 in New York City.

Since 2003 she has had multiple roles and responsibilities that lead her to become who she is today; an advocate for patients and there well being, "changing minds to save live's". Her 14 years experience at Shire made her realize that her true PASSION in LIFE is helping others. On October 22, 2013 on a plane ride to Philadelphia for a funeral, she starts what today is Mission of the Heart.