What we do


We help other non profit organizations and institutions worldwide assist with there needs
through Medical, Educational and Fundraiser support. 


Why from the heart?


Mission of the Heart is a Non Profit Organization Established November 13, 2013 that was CREATED from the heart with volunteers dedicating their time and talent to start the foundation.  On October 22, 2013 our Founder Sandra M. Duque had a feeling in her HEART to start something that at that time could've been impossible due to her medical condition. 3 days later October 25, 2013 on a plane ride to Philadelphia, the feeling that she felt, words can't explain, she had the WILL and DESIRE to DO IT and knew that it was a call from GOD!

She grabbed her blue notebook and started drawing a heart, her heart was beating and ideas started to come and started writing down everything that came through her mind… before landing she wrote MISSION OF THE HEART.  Getting off the plane she contacts a friend of her and asks her, "Juli can you please investigate what needs to be done to create a non-profit organization? " On her flight back to Miami the following day October 26, 2013 Juliana had all the paper work and necessary steps to create a 501 c 3 in the United States.  

On October 31, Duque had to go to the ER for medical reasons. She started feeling discomfort after a mammography and had to visit many specialists to find out the reason why there was pain. During that period, every time Duque had pain she immediately changed her pain for an idea. From that moment, while going through medical difficulties and committed to a 8-5 full time job Duque started writing down names of people and friends that she knew and started sharing her mission and vision as to what is Mission of the Heart today. From that day on Duque started meeting with people, on her free time, that she considered could be of help "voluntarily" for MoH. With her contacts and passion for helping others in November 13, 2013 MoH was registered in the United States as an LLC.

" I remember sitting at DMI the MRI place in Aventura waiting to get one of the 3 MRI's that the doctors ordered, Brian, the CPA sends me an email at 3pm with the EIN #."

In December 4, 2013 she received the corporate book from her attorney Eric from EPGD.  On December 19, 2013 Mission of the Heart was filled to the IRS to obtain the 501c3. The time frame as to when the idea was brainstormed to getting the corporate book was a total of 40 days, 55 days until it was filled to the IRS.

How we raise funds?


We raise funds through sport tournaments, silent auctions,
cocktail and gala fundraising events, as well as donations

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